Free outdoor plans

If you want to add value to your garden, we recommend you to take a look over these amazing projects that could be built by anyone with basic woodworking skills. The most important aspect is to plan everything with attention and to take your time when building something durable. Work with good judgement and invest in high-quality materials, as to get a professional result and to prevent the wood from splitting.

Bird feeder plans

Bird feeder plans

See here more plans and information about building garden projects: For example you could build a nice birdhouse or birdfeeder, if you want to attract the singing birds to your home or you want to watch them from your cozy house every morning. Make sure you adjust the birdfeeder to the size of the birds you are trying to attract, otherwise the end result won’t suit your needs.

Alternatively, you could build a nice birdhouse, as it doesn’t require an extensive expertise nor complex woodworking skills. Make the roof of the birdfeer in a V-shaped manner, as to add value to the project.

Exotic garden

Exotic garden

If you have a small garden it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have a nice place for retreat during the hot summer days. As you can easily see in the diagram, you could build a two-tier exotic garden.

If you plan everything thoroughly you could keep the costs under control and get a neat appearance. Plant several trees and create a nice patio where you could place a table or a bench. Level the ground attentively and seed grass to crate a nice contrast between the grass and the trees.



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