Backyard Plans

If you are eager to enhance the look of your backyard and to make more cozy, we recommend you to take a look over the following options. There are tons of projects that you could choose from, but your should make a short list, according to your budget, space and skills. The options are virtually endless, starting with garden benches, carports up to swings and pergolas.

If you are aware of the basic woodworking techniques you can spend quality time while doing something your like and save a small fortune on labor. The essential aspect of any backyard project is to check the local building codes and to select professional plans. All the plans should come with detailed instructions and provide a list with all the materials needed for the job. In addition, buying quality lumber is costly but the investment will pay off on the long run, as you will enjoy the construction for a longer period of time.


Backyard Plans Free



The first project we are going to talk about is a beautiful arbor bench. As you can see in the backyard plans, an arbor will enhance the look of any property, as it combines its exquisite look with the convenience of an outdoor bench. If you like climbing plans, you could also create a small roof for the bench and make a small shaded area.

As in the case of any carpentry project, we recommend you to study the alternatives and to choose free pergola plans that really suits your needs. Take into account that some plans are complex and require professional work, so choose something that can be done by an amateur builder. Use a spirit level to check if the posts are plumb and the rafters are horizontal.


Carport Projects

Carport Projects

A free standing carport is a cheap way of protecting your car from bad weather. If you select the right plans for your needs (gable roof, lean to roof, single car, double car) and choose a proper location for the carport, you can build the carport in just a few weekends. Make sure you comply with the local building codes, as there are a few requirements that you have to take into account.

Set the posts in concrete for at least 3′ if you want to create a rigid structure that will support the roof. Once again we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of choosing quality lean to carport plans. Moreover, using durable materials is equally important, even though it will increase a little the total costs.



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